What is the Currency of Serbia?

The currency of Serbia is the dinar, also known as RSD. It is one of the oldest currencies in the world, with references to the dinar dating back to 1214 AD. During the medieval era, Serbia minted silver dinars used throughout southern Europe, as silver mining was a major industry in Serbia at that time.  However, the lineage of the dinar has not been continuous and cannot be directly linked to these silver dinars. Numerous wars and empires have punctuated its timeline. Within Yugoslavia, for example, Serbia still used the dinar, but it was the multi-national Yugoslav dinar. 

The Currency of Serbia is the Dinar


How did the dinar get its name?

Dinar is derived from the Roman "denarius," which was the standard unit of money within the Roman Empire. Many nations along the Mediterranean use "dinar" or "denar" as their currency due to this influence. 

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